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Our mission is three-fold:
• To help promote the sport of lacrosse by searching the internet and providing links to articles and stories of particular interest to Upstate New York lacrosse fans;

• To provide an outlet for news and event announcements from school, college, other lacrosse organizations considered to be a part of the Upstate lacrosse community;

• To provide a familiar, comfortable and relevant starting place for the Upstate lacrosse community as they travel the world wide web.
Your Submissions
To help us fulfill our mission, we encourage submissions of links, news items, photos, and events of interest to Upstate New York lacrosse fans. And we'd like to thank all of you who have made submissions in the past! Please send all submissions to:

Our Privacy Policy
Our privacy policy is simple. We won't sell or give your email address to anyone without your permission. We will only use your address to communicate to you about your submission or inquiry.

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Here is the privacy policy statement from StatCounter.com:

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