Welcome to 2010

Preparing for the Draft
Rules Down Below
Either scroll down or choose the Rules link above to go to the 2010 OMFFL Rules. Look them over and send me your questions. Also, the Chat Box is back at the ESPM League site. No other changes will be made there until after our draft.

Preparing for the Draft
OMFFL Scouts invade Cortland

Monday August 2
Draft News and the J - E - T - S Jets, Jets, Jets Trip
The Draft is now officially Sunday, August 28th 29th, beginning at Noon. As far as I know, all the owners will be on site. Champion Tim has elected to move to the #6 draft position. Tommy has chosen to remain at #5 as long as the Roadrunners, Tytans, and Rockhoppers let him. The Draft order is:

1. Roadrunners
2. Tytans
3. Rockhoppers
4. Panther Pawz
5. Doorknockers
6. Team Tasha
7. Black Cats
8. Beamjacks
9. Thunderducks
10. Bombers
11. 'Cusemen
12. 10acty10 (won coin flip, chosed to pick 12th)

If anyone else wishes to move as a result of these changes, please let me know by August 5th. I would like to get my paperwork printed up for the draft. Also, don't worry about the old rosters at ESPN. I have yet to pull the trigger to wipe them out.

Cortland Jets
Our Road Trip to Cortland to scout the Jets is scheduled for Friday, August 13th. Practice begins at 8:20AM, but the Jets Shop opens at 7:30AM. So far we have the Beamjacks, Roadrunners, Rockhoppers, and Thunder Ducks signed up. There is no deadline, but there will be no more reminders.

We Are Now 12 Strong
Our Newest Owners
An official welcome to Tim (TJ) Jr., and Tyler, our newest 'young gun' owners. Thanks for joining us! Since draft positions in the OMFFL are determined by your finish the previous season, new owners finish up the first round. A coin flip will decide who drafts 11th and who drafts 12th. I will put some time in Sunday to finalized much of the administrative work.

Jets' Training Camp Schedule
The surprise of the 2009 season, it's obvious the Jets success last year was a result of moving their training camp to SUNY Cortland. We are about to choose a date for the OMFFL Road Trip to help the Jets kick off the new season. Click on the logo to check out specific dates and times.

Social Networking
The OMFFL on Facebook
Most of us are there daily, so why not? The Oberon Mt. FFL Facebook Group is ready for friends and owners. This is a closed group. Check here for time to time this off-season for news, updates, conversations . . . everything OMFFL.

Not Set in Stone
2010 Draft Order
It looks like we have a ten-team league this year (which should bump up the average scores!) with Michele/Shawn and Chris F. joining Larry and Henry on the sidelines. The revised draft order (before move-downs) is below. We will have two 5-team divisions

1. Team Tasha
2. Roadrunners
3. Tytans
4. Rockhoppers
5. Doorknockers
6. Panther Pawz
7. Black Cats
8. Beamjacks
9. Thunderducks
10. Bombers
11/12 Tyler or TJ, TBD

Social Networking
2013 OMFFL Rules
These are the basic rules for the Oberon Mt. Fantasy Football League. Scoring rules and other rules specific to Commissioner Management Websites can be found at http://games.espn.go.com/ffl/leagueoffice?leagueId=229336. Your comments can be added below. Official notifications will appear in the OMFFL Facebook Group and on the front page of the ESPN League site.

1. Ownership
Teams may be owned by one or more persons, and any owner may authorize Transactions. No one shall have an ownership position in more than one team. Franchise Fees and All-Star Fund monies are due by draft Day.

2. The Draft
The order of the draft is determined by the order of finish of the previous season, with the League Champion getting first choice of draft position, the runner-up getting second choice, and so on. The farther a team advanced in the playoffs, the better choice of draft position it has. Teams eliminated in the same playoff round, as well as those not making the playoffs, will have their choice of position determined by the Playoff Seeding tie-breaker formula. Owners do have the option of moving down in the draft order, with first choice belonging to the team with the first pick. The new position will apply for the entire draft. New Owner's Draft positions will be after returning Owners, and chosen by a random draw.

ODD numbered draft rounds will follow the order described above, while the order will be reversed for EVEN numbered rounds. Each team will have 1 1/2 minutes, as judged by the Commissioner, to make each selection. If a team passes, or fails to make its choice within the allotted time, it will be allowed 1 minute at the END of that round. Passed turns can only be made up at the end of rounds. Owners will use their 13 draft picks to choose players as follows: 2 quarterbacks, 2 place kickers, 2 defense/special teams, 3 runningbacks, and 4 wide receivers (Note: The terms "wide receivers" and "WR" also refer to NFL tight ends).

2a. NFL Cuts
An OMFFL team owning a player who is cut by his NFL team between the OMFFL draft and the NFL's final cut deadline may replace that player free of charge (limited to one free Transaction per NFL cut deadline). Please notify the Commissioner when the player is cut. The Owner has until opening day to make these Transactions.

3. League Format
The placement of teams in divisions will be based on the order of finish in the previous season, as will the schedule.

12-Team League: Comprised of three 4-team divisions. Each team will play the other teams in its division twice, and 7 of the remaining 8 teams once.

14-Team League: Comprised of three divisions (2 five-team and 1 four-team [Team numbers 6-9]). Each team will play the other teams in its division twice, with the rest of its schedule filled with games against teams in the other divisions.

4. Fees
Your $35 Franchise Fee will be due by Draft Day. You may also pre-pay Transaction Fees, with any unused money returned to you at the end of the season (if I can find you). If you pay your money in time, but fail to show up at the draft, you will choose a team from the players not chosen at the draft. There will be no refunds of Franchise Fees after Draft Day. Transaction Fees will be $2 per, with balances due during the first week of each month, beginning in October.

Fees can be paid with cash, check, or through PayPal. Contact me for the details of using PayPal.

5. Lineups
Owners will set their own starting lineups at ESPN beginning Tuesdays. Lineups lock at game time. Owners are responsible for knowing the NFL schedule. Alternately, if you, for any reason, cannot manage your lineup for a particular day, contact a Commissioner (me or Brad) and we will take care of it. If an owner fails to submit an opening day lineup, their lineup will be taken from the order their players were chosen in the draft.

6. Transactions
Transactions are made through the ESPN Waiver Wire system. Teams get two days beginning Tuesday to request free agents. Requests will be filled first to the team with the worse record. After a team has a request filled, it moves to the end of the waiver wire. Waiver Wire order is reset each Tuesday.

Player Trades: All trades must be fair to both owners and must be submitted to the Commissioner for his approval. Trades between teams with headquarters located in the same building will come under especially close scrutiny. Trades involving one team that has been mathematically eliminated from qualifying for the playoffs will not be allowed.

8. Tie-breakers
Regular Season games ending in a tie will remain a tie.

Playoff Games:
1.Total yards gained by eight starters (kickers, field goal distances)
2.Total TD's by starters.
3.Coin flip.

Playoff Seeding:
The our owners have determined that Conference Record and Head-to-head record should play important parts in tie-breakers. Therefore, for ties involving 3 or more teams from more than one Division, we will first eliminate teams in the tie one by one, by lowest Points-Scored-Season, until we reach a point where (a) the only teams remaining are from the same Division. We will then use Division Record, Head-to-Head Record, and Points scored in all regular season Division games OR (b) the top two teams remaining are from different Divisions, where we will then use Head-to-Head Record, Points-Scored-Season, and coin flip.

11. Playoffs and Payoffs
Three Division League Format:
Post-season play will include the 3 Division Champions, along with the 3 remaining teams with the best records. Playoff teams will be seeded by record at the end of the regular season. The two teams with the best records will receive a bye in the first round. In all playoff rounds, the highest seed will play the lowest seed, the next highest seed playing the next lowest seed, and so on.

Payout Formula:
Divisional Championships will earn owners $30.
Divisional Champions that earn a bye in the first round will receive an extra $10.
Wild Card teams will earn $10.
Wild Card teams earning a first-round bye will receive an extra $10.
Teams winning first-round games will receive $10.

The remaining funds will be divided by the two OberBowl teams, with the Champion receiving 60%, while the runner-up will take home the remaining 40%.


Division Record
Team Tasha 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
Rockhoppers 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
Roadrunners 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
Tytans 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0


Division Record
Beamjacks 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
Black Cats 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
Doorknockers 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
Panther Pawz 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0


Division Record
Bombers 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
Thunder Ducks 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
10acty10 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0
'Cusemen 0 0 0 0 -- 0 0 0 0

Lifetime Records

Pos. Owner W L T Ptc.
1 Brad (2) 132 90 1 0.594
2 ChrisP (1) 128 88 0 0.593
3 JohnP (3) 24 17 0 0.585
4 M/S Whitney(4) 113 83 0 0.577
5 ChrisF (6) 87 69 2 0.557
6 Zack (5) 36 29 0 0.554
7 Dan'l (7) 115 93 0 0.552
8 Steve (8) 63 54 0 0.538
9 Larry (9) 99 85 0 0.538
10 Tim (13) 42 38 0 0.525
11 Henry (11) 74 69 0 0.517
12 Dennis (10) 106 100 2 0.514
13 Shawn (12) 20 19 0 0.512
14 JimD (14) 43 47 1 0.478
15 Barry (15) 43 49 1 0.462
16 Deb (16) 54 62 2 0.457
17 ChrisN (17) 29 36 0 0.446
18 JC (18) 34 44 0 0.436
19 Randy (19) 26 38 0 0.406
20 Hope (20) 15 24 0 0.384
21 Jon (21) 53 100 0 0.346
22 Don P (22) 15 39 1 0.281
23 Jim F (23) 19 72 1 0.212