Road Trip Dad - Lake Placid Chronicles
Day 2 - Let the Games Begin!

Dan Witmer | August 4, 2015
OK, so Day Two was really the first day of the tournament, but yesterday – Day One – was my first day up here in Lake Placid. This will probably only get more confusing as the week goes along…

The scholastic tournament opened up at 9:30 yesterday morning, with 12 games, in eight different divisions, being played at three separate locations. We had eight rounds of games, starting every 70 minutes, with only a few fields not being used late in the day.

Want more numbers? How about 57 boys’ teams and 32 girls’ teams… 89 teams that started Monday morning and wrap up on Wednesday. That’s more teams than June’s Northstar Capital City Classic and July’s Saratoga Shootout. And that’s just the first three days.

I think most everyone played two games yesterday, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. We got all the games in despite some ominous weather reports and some deadly weather conditions that claimed a life in Illinois on Sunday and two more yesterday in New Hampshire. Somehow we dodged all but about 15 minutes of a light rain, and we thought sure we were in for some rough weather when we showed up at the main fields yesterday morning.

As far as I know, things went pretty smoothly. There were two cases of transposing the scores; one was entirely my fault and the other I’ll blame on the crew working at the score table. In both cases we caught the errors and corrected them before further ramifications would have been affected.

There was at least case where I was told I had written the incorrect score on the division chart; it turned out that the winning team scored 18 goals, not 15 – the other three goals were recorded on the back of the score sheet, and that went undetected. Again, we were made aware of the error, figured out what had gone wrong, and made the correction pretty early in the day.

Now, before you start to think that we were making mistakes one after another, I’ll remind you that while we might have made small errors on three or four games, that means we got it right for the other (approximately) 90 games. I’ll stand behind that efficiency percentage any day.

So, who’s hot? Well, in the Boys ‘16-’17 Gold division, the FCA Lacrosse National HS Team is 2-0, as are the Orange Crush, Academy Mortgage, Sweetlax National Team , and the Coldbrook Laxers. In the Boys’ ’16-’17 Silver division, 2-0 teams include the FCA Super Sophs, Flyer Lacrosse, Sweetlax National 2017 team, and the Long Island Outlaws. In the Bronze division, the Niners U-18 team and the Adirondack Northmen are both 2-0 after the first day.

In the Boys’ ’18-’19 Gold division, the 2018 Sweetlax National Team, the Crabs U-16, the FCA 2018 National team, and the Orange Crush 2018-2019 team are all 2-0 going into today’s action. In the Silver division, the Albany Power Silver team, the Flyers 2018-2019, the Junior Black Rhinos, and the LGS 2018 Silver teams are undefeated after two games.

In the Girls’ 2016-2018 Gold division, Defo’s LI Yellow Jackets, the Lady Roc 2017 Yellow team, the Baby Blues, and the Mass Elite Red teams are all 2-0. In the 2016-2018 Silver group, Lady Eagles HS, Mass Elite White, Tri City Elite, the Cold Brook Laxers, Orange Crush Girls, and the Salt City Snipers were all 2-0.

Finally, in the Girls’ 2018-2020 age group, 2-0 teams include the M&D 2020 Black squad, the Long Island Lady Warriors, the FCA Girls ’19-’20, and the Common Goal 2019 Orange team.

Will the 2-0 teams all hold serve and win their third games this morning? Or will teams that stumbled at 1-1 recover and find themselves back in the hunt for a division championship? Today’s games will tell the story – and later tonight I’ll report back and tell you who’s playing for titles on Wednesday.

As always, though, it’s really about family and friends, old teammates and/or rivals, and second (or third) generations playing once again back at LP. Everywhere you looked, today was filled with handshakes, hugs, introductions, and smiles.

And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow should offer some 102 more games, from 8:30 AM until about 6:00 PM, enough to keep everyone busy and – hopefully – happy to be in Lake Placid for Summit Tournament XXVI.

Drive safely, everyone!

- Dan Witmer