Road Trip Dad - Lake Placid Chronicles
Day 6 - Another Day In Paradise

Dan Witmer | August 8, 2015
Yesterday was the perfect day at the Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Tournament – if you wanted to get a sunburn. There was no rain, very little wind, and the sun was shining almost all day long. As much as I like being in the sunshine, I was kind of grateful to be under the main tent or off in the trailer/office for most of the day.

It might have also been the busiest day of the week. The three oldest divisions crowned their 2015 champions– Cloudsplitter in Past Masters, Eldest Statesmen in Ultra Grand Masters, and Atlantic Sportswear in Super Grand Masters – and approximately 80 new men’s and women’s Open teams showed up to begin their tournament. Meanwhile, six other divisions continued on their journeys through their four-game schedule.

We started the day off with a few re-scheduled games, which is more involved than you may think. You have to move the game on the web site, which isn’t that tough using the Advanced Event Solutions program we’re using. But then we have to make sure Tom Abbott is notified so he can assign officials to the new site, and we have to communicate with Rich Gross and Brittney Rowe so they can have score table workers assigned to the game as well. Then we have to notify Andre Lister so she can update the individual game score sheets so they are labeled and catalogued accurately. Then we have to make sure the affected teams are notified about the time change, the field change, or the time change. Everyone kind of gets jumpy and nervous when we hear the words “game change,” but so far we’ve handled them pretty smoothly this week.

We found a few minor glitches with the printed schedules that we use to display scores and playoffs, mostly due to smart, veteran examination from LP participants. “Shouldn’t this read WINNER of Pool B Game 2?” “I think there’s a mistake on the SGM schedule…” When people have questions I try to answer them, and when they think the schedule might have an error, I listen.

During the course of the day I was filling in scores from as many as 13 different age groups, and inputting scores from about 90-95 games today. We had nine rounds of games today, starting every 75 minutes at 8:30 AM and ending with 6:30 PM games.

As I said, we crowned three age group champions today. Like we did with the scholastic divisions Monday through Wednesday, the winning teams were given LP championship sunglasses this year, and the reaction from the victors has been enthusiastic. Winners have been given T-shirts in the past, but let’s face it – the shades might be more practical – one size fits all, so if the player isn’t crazy about them, they can easily be transferred to other family members, friends, or neighbors.

Perhaps the highlight of the day, though, was the brief ceremony at 6 PM recognizing the newest additions to the ranks of Lake Placid Legends class. Last year, LP’s 25th anniversary, saw the inaugural class of about 20-25 friends, founders, and supporters of the LP Summit. This year’s inductees included Cort and Blake Kim, who were stars at Guilderland HS and especially at SUNY Albany, where they played from ’89-‘92. The third inductee this year was Mark Snyder, one of the LP mainstays since the thing started, and he is one of the nicest staff members – very easy to talk to, and always ready with a helping hand, a funny remark, and a great smile. From my earliest days as a staff member, Mark could always be counted on for dinner ideas, hotel information, and answers to my awe-filled and ignorant questions. When Mark was introduced, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Congratulations to all three!

We stayed late to log in the final scores, anticipate some seeding issues that will come up later today, and tuck the North Elba Athletic Fields in for the night. I was one of the last to leave the parking lot, and I chuckled to myself as I looked at my watch and saw that I had just spent another 13-hour day on the primary game site.

Today should be a bit easier, with one less round of games, no new divisions getting started, and maybe just one champion crowned. The big, talented, cleverly named D-I alumni teams (Gray’d Danes, Creaky Gates, Old Army, Burnt Orange, Black and Blue Jays, Garber’s Gorillas, etc) will be going at one another in front of friends, family, and fellow alumni, and the biggest crowds of the week are expected.

The weather is supposed to be even better today, which is hard to imagine.

The best just keeps getting better.

Drive safely, everyone!

- Dan Witmer