Monday May 3, 2021

An Update from JustLacrosse Upstate

For the foreseeable future, here are a few changes we are making at JustLacrosse Updtate:

News postings - In order to make the most of the ease and timeliness of the embedded Twitter feed, all news items will originate as Twitter posts, either retweets with sources noted, or our original tweets. This makes it easier to post updates throughout the day. These will continue to be automatically posted to the website for those of you without Twitter accounts, or Twitter members who find it easier to follow us here at the website. This, or course, will be dependent on the continuation of this feature by Twitter. Please read Twitter Websites - ads info and privacy policy here.

Our focus - When we began JustLacrosse, media coverage of lacrosse on the internet was hard to come by. The major universities got most of the college lacrosse coverage, and except for the playoffs, only the traditional powerhouse high school programs tended to get any media coverage. Our goal was to find as much news as we could and share those sources with our visitors. In 2021 every college team, every high school team, every club, even every individual player can publish their own news 24 hours a day. Any fan can follow their favorites to stay up to date. Simply typing a few words into Google allows you to find just about any news update you're looking for. So as we continue to do our work we will concentrate not on the common and easily found information like game previews and game results, mid-season All-American selections, and the like, but rather player and team milestones, special events, lacrosse history, and the others things not so easily found in the day to day media blitz. As always, submissions are more than welcome.

The pandemic - Like everyone else, the pandemic has understandably affected our revenue. Obviously, the inability of our loyal, recurring sponsors to hold their camps and clinics meant our revenue stream was cut. Our plan is to continue through this high school season and into the summer lacrosse season to see if this trend turns around before making any permanent decision on our future.

Thanks for both being a visitor to JustLacrosse Upstate, and for taking the time to read this. Here's to the return of lacrosse!