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At Just Lacrosse, we’ve been on an incredible journey since our inception, striving to fulfill our mission of promoting and celebrating the sport we are so passionate about. Over the years, we have achieved remarkable success in achieving our past mission, which revolved around providing valuable links to articles and stories of interest to Upstate New York lacrosse fans, serving as a platform for sharing news and event announcements from schools, colleges, and various lacrosse organizations within the Upstate lacrosse community, and acting as a familiar and relevant starting point for lacrosse enthusiasts as they navigate the vast world wide web.

Now, as we venture into a new chapter, we are thrilled to unveil an evolved mission that will further elevate the Just Lacrosse experience and continue our commitment to the lacrosse community we hold dear.

Our New Mission:

  1. Celebrating the Lacrosse Spirit: Our primary goal is to celebrate the essence of lacrosse – the athleticism, camaraderie, and the rich culture surrounding this remarkable sport. We’ll dive deeper into the heart of lacrosse, exploring its roots and its profound impact on the lives of players, fans, and communities alike.
  2. Empowering Lacrosse Enthusiasts: We aspire to empower lacrosse enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds by providing comprehensive resources, insightful content, and expert advice. Our website will be a go-to hub for lacrosse techniques, training tips, and tactical insights, catering to both players looking to hone their skills and fans seeking to deepen their understanding of the game.
  3. Connecting the Global Lacrosse Community: We are committed to creating a thriving online community, transcending geographical boundaries, and connecting lacrosse lovers around the world. Through engaging discussions, interactive features, and exclusive interviews, we’ll foster a sense of unity among lacrosse enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.
  4. Showcasing Lacrosse Excellence: Just Lacrosse will serve as a platform to shine a spotlight on lacrosse excellence at all levels. From up-and-coming players to seasoned veterans, from local club teams to international competitions, we’ll highlight remarkable achievements and celebrate the passion that drives lacrosse to new heights.
  5. Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity: We firmly believe that lacrosse is for everyone. Embracing the principles of inclusivity and diversity, we will actively promote initiatives and stories that showcase the transformative power of lacrosse in breaking barriers and fostering understanding among diverse communities.

As we embark on this exciting new phase, we invite you – our valued readers, players, coaches, and fans – to join us on this journey. Together, we will take Just Lacrosse to greater heights, celebrating the sport we love and uniting a global lacrosse community like never before.

Thank you for being a part of our story and for making Just Lacrosse the extraordinary platform it is today. We look forward to the future with anticipation and enthusiasm as we continue to grow and evolve with you by our side.

Let’s make lacrosse history together!


The Just Lacrosse Team