Best Lacrosse Cleats of 2024: Peak Performance, Pure Comfort

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Welcome to our 2024 guide on the best lacrosse cleats!

In our quest to find the top-performing lacrosse cleats for you, we tested various models for key features such as material, fit and comfort, ankle support, playing position compatibility, durability, stud design, brand reputation, and weight. We narrowed it down to the top five, which genuinely stood out among the competition.

Imagine a scenario where you purchase a pair of lacrosse cleats that don’t meet your needs – they’re uncomfortable, lack proper support, and end up hindering your performance on the field. Your hard-earned cash is wasted, and you’re left feeling frustrated.

On the other hand, choosing one of the top five lacrosse cleats we’ve identified ensures that you get the best in terms of performance, protection, comfort, flexibility, and traction, enhancing your overall experience on the field.

We’ll dive deeper into the critical features and benefits that set these five lacrosse cleats apart. With more informed decision-making, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect pair for the 2024 lacrosse season.

So, let’s get started with our top picks!

Best Lacrosse Cleats

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We’ve compiled a list of the best lacrosse cleats for you, carefully selected for their performance, comfort, and durability.

Dive in and find the perfect pair to elevate your game on the field.

New Balance Men’s Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe

The New Balance FreezeLX v4 is an agile and comfortable choice for superior traction and quick movements on the lacrosse field.



  • QUIX outsole technology for excellent traction
  • Lightweight synthetic/mesh upper
  • Comfortable hybrid tongue


  • Durability concerns after heavy use
  • Sizing can be tricky
  • May not be as suitable for non-lacrosse activities

Stepping onto the lacrosse field wearing the New Balance Men’s Freezelx V4, you can immediately feel the lightweight nature of the synthetic/mesh upper. It not only gives you a light-on-your-feet sensation but also ensures your feet can breathe during intense games and practices.

As you swiftly maneuver around your opponents, the cutting-edge QUIX outsole technology stands out. It provides optimal traction during those quick, cutting movements, making you an agile force to be reckoned with on the field. The TPU molded cleat outsole also supplies a superior grip on both turf and natural surfaces, giving you confidence that your cleats will maintain traction, no matter what type of playing field you encounter.

When lacing up these cleats, the hybrid tongue brings added comfort to your game. You won’t need to worry about feeling weighed down or uncomfortable during intense play. However, keep in mind that some users have mentioned durability concerns after multiple games, so these cleats may not be the best choice for those who play lacrosse heavily. Additionally, while sizing can be tricky, it is essential to read reviews and select the appropriate size for the perfect fit.

In conclusion, the New Balance Men’s Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe is a solid option for lacrosse players looking for a lightweight, agile cleat with excellent traction. While there may be some concerns about durability and sizing, the overall performance and comfort make this shoe worth considering for your next pair of lacrosse cleats.

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite LAX Cleats

These Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite LAX Lacrosse Cleats are a high-quality choice for excellent support, comfort, and performance on the field.



  • Nike React technology for a smooth, responsive ride
  • Excellent ankle support and containment with ‘X’ fit system
  • Flexible TPU plate for reduced break-in time and improved comfort


  • May seem a bit pricey for some buyers
  • Limited color options (Black CW4440-011)
  • Style may not appeal to everyone

The Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite LAX Lacrosse Cleats truly stand out for their innovative features and overall comfort. As you step into these cleats, you’ll immediately feel the lightweight yet durable Nike React foam technology underfoot. This not only provides a smooth, responsive ride but also minimizes stud pressure for enhanced comfort during intense gameplay.

One of the most crucial aspects of any cleat is the support and containment it offers for the foot. With the ‘X’ fit system at the back of the heel and the high-profile design, these cleats ensure a locked-in feel while providing much-needed support around your ankle. This lets you focus on your game and make agile moves without worrying about instability.

Another great advantage of these Nike cleats is the flexible TPU plate. It not only shortens the break-in period but also offers additional flex for comfort during sprints. This is extremely beneficial if you spend a considerable amount of time on the field and need a shoe that adapts quickly to your foot.

In conclusion, the Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite LAX Lacrosse Cleats are a top-choice for anyone looking to improve their game with a solid, supportive, and comfortable footwear option. Despite being slightly pricey and having limited color choice, the numerous pros of these cleats make them well worth the investment. Give these a try and experience the performance and comfort they have to offer.

New Balance Men’s Burnx3 Lacrosse Shoe

Get ready to elevate your game with the New Balance Burnx3 lacrosse cleat, offering the perfect balance of support, comfort, and traction.



  • Innovative Kinetic Stitch technology for stretch and support
  • Superior traction on turf and natural surfaces
  • Achilles pads for enhanced heel comfort


  • Possible durability concerns over time
  • May run slightly small in size
  • Limited color options

The New Balance Men’s Burnx3 Lacrosse Shoe is designed to meet the demanding requirements of lacrosse players. It boasts a sleek and supportive knit upper enhanced with Kinetic Stitch technology, which helps provide a comfortable fit while maintaining flexibility where you need it most. In my experience, the fit does feel secure, and the stretch is just right.

As a player, what impressed me the most was its TPU molded cleat outsole that offers superior traction, whether on turf or natural surfaces. In various field conditions, I found that this cleat performs exceptionally well, even when running at full speed during a match. The ground grip is reliable, and I could make those sharp cuts without worry.

An often overlooked but essential feature in a lacrosse cleat is the comfort around the heel, and the Burnx3 has got you covered with its Achilles pads. It successfully eliminates the discomfort that can come from constant movement and high-intensity play. Do keep in mind, however, that the shoe may run slightly small, so consider sizing up if you’re on the fence.

In summary, the New Balance Men’s Burnx3 Lacrosse Shoe is an excellent choice for players looking to maximize their game with an ideal blend of support, comfort, and traction. The few drawbacks are relatively minor compared to the benefits you’ll get on the field. Give these cleats a try and experience the difference yourself.

Under Armour Men’s Command Mid Lacross Mt TPU Cleat Shoe

A mix of great design and innovation make these Under Armour cleats worth considering for lacrosse players seeking comfort and performance.



  • Innovative technologies for all weather conditions
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable fit


  • Sizing may run small
  • May not provide enough traction on turf
  • Narrow fit for some users

Just recently, I had the chance to slip into a pair of the Under Armour Men’s Command Mid Lacross Mt TPU Cleat Shoe and put them to the test on the lacrosse field. The first thing I noticed was how the innovative HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear technologies kept my feet comfortable in various weather conditions. Whether it was a hot sunny day or a chilly afternoon, these cleats adapted well to the changing temperatures.

The durability of the shoe is apparent, as they’ve held up well through multiple lacrosse sessions and even some field hockey games. It’s evident that Under Armour has invested time and effort into creating a superior product. I also appreciate their machine-washable feature, which makes maintenance a breeze.

Despite the numerous benefits, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The most consistent feedback I’ve heard from fellow athletes is that the sizing tends to run small, so you may want to order half a size up. Another factor worth mentioning is that these cleats might not provide enough traction on the turf, as some users have experienced slipping while playing. Lastly, the narrow fit might be an issue for those with wide feet.

Overall, the Under Armour Men’s Command Mid Lacross Mt TPU Cleat Shoe offers a solid blend of design and innovation that can enhance your lacrosse experience. Just be aware of the potential sizing and traction issues, and consider trying them on before purchasing.

New Balance BurnX4 Lacrosse Cleat

A great option for those seeking lightweight cleats without compromising on stability and traction.



  • Lightweight yet sturdy design
  • Excellent traction on various surfaces
  • Comfortable and secure fit


  • Limited color options
  • May require sizing down due to width
  • Imported from Indonesia, may have longer shipping times

The New Balance BurnX4 lacrosse cleats are designed with both speed and stability in mind. The synthetic upper is inspired by aerodynamic fighter jets, providing a lightweight and breathable fit. As I wore them during my last game, the airflow was indeed impressive, which helped to keep my feet dry and comfortable throughout the match.

One of the most standout features of the BurnX4 is the X-frame coring which offers a 30% weight reduction without sacrificing stiffness. This unique design allowed for fluid and natural movement during gameplay. Additionally, the cleats boast aggressive toe studs and larger studs throughout for enhanced durability and grip. I experienced superior traction on both turf and natural surfaces while wearing these cleats.

The fit of the New Balance BurnX4 cleats can be qualified as snug and secure, largely owing to the improved aerodynamic upper. However, you might want to consider purchasing half a size smaller than your usual size because they tend to run a bit wide. And while the cleats perform well, I couldn’t help but wish for a wider range of color choices, as the available options are rather limited.

In conclusion, the New Balance BurnX4 is a reliable choice if you’re looking for lacrosse cleats that prioritize speed, stability, and comfort. Just be sure to account for the slightly wider construction when selecting your size.

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Buying Guide

When searching for the best lacrosse cleats, there are several factors you should consider to ensure they meet your needs on the field. In this buying guide, we’ll outline the key features to look for when making your purchase.

Fit and Comfort

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the fit and comfort of the cleats. Remember that you’ll be wearing them for extended periods, so it’s crucial to choose a pair that fits well and feels comfortable.

  • Sizing: Make sure to select the correct size according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If possible, try them on before purchasing or read customers’ reviews about the sizing.
  • Padding and Cushioning: Look for cleats that provide adequate padding and cushioning around the ankle, heel, and tongue to prevent chafing and discomfort during the game.

Materials and Durability

Cleats take a beating throughout the season, so it’s essential to choose a pair made from high-quality materials for improved durability.

  • Uppers: The upper part of the cleat can be made of materials like synthetic leather, genuine leather, or mesh. Genuine leather offers a comfortable and natural feel, while synthetic leather and mesh are more lightweight and breathable.
  • Outsole: Opt for cleats with a rubber or TPU outsole, as they provide excellent grip, can handle wear and tear better, and maintain their structural integrity.

Type of Cleats: Molded vs. Detachable

Lacrosse cleats come in two main types: molded and detachable.

  • Molded Cleats: These cleats have fixed studs and are usually more lightweight and low-maintenance. Molded cleats offer good traction and are suitable for a variety of surfaces. However, they can’t be replaced if they wear out.
  • Detachable Cleats: These cleats have the advantage of interchangeable studs, giving you the flexibility to customize your traction based on playing conditions. While detachable cleats can be more versatile, they generally require more maintenance and can be heavier.

Price and Budget

Finally, consider your budget when choosing the best lacrosse cleats. High-quality cleats typically come with a higher price tag, but investing in a durable and comfortable pair will pay off in the long run. Set a budget that works for you and compare different options within that range to find the best fit and features for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in lacrosse cleats for attacking positions?

When looking for lacrosse cleats for attacking positions, prioritize traction, agility, and support. Look for cleats with lightweight construction, snug-fitting uppers, and a flexible sole for quick movements. The cleat pattern should provide good grip on various surfaces, and the midsole should offer sufficient cushioning and support for your feet.

How do new lacrosse cleat models compare to previous years’ options?

New lacrosse cleat models often feature advancements in technology and materials, leading to improved performance, comfort, and durability. It’s essential to stay updated on the latest models, as they may offer improved traction, better support, and enhanced comfort. However, personal preferences and fit are crucial factors to consider when choosing a pair.

What are the benefits of choosing high-top over low-top lacrosse cleats for ankle support?

High-top lacrosse cleats provide additional ankle support and stability, potentially reducing the risk of sprains and other injuries. They are particularly beneficial for players who require extra protection due to previous injuries or concerns about ankle stability. However, low-top cleats offer greater flexibility and may be more suitable for players prioritizing agility and speed.

What distinguishes lacrosse cleats from other sports cleats, such as those for Ultimate Frisbee?

Lacrosse cleats have features specifically designed for lacrosse-focused movements, such as multidirectional traction patterns meant for quick cuts and explosive acceleration. They also generally provide more ankle and foot support compared to Ultimate Frisbee cleats, which are typically designed for long-distance running and lateral movements.

What are the recommended lacrosse cleats for youth players?

Recommended lacrosse cleats for youth players should combine comfort, support, and affordability. Look for cleats from reputable brands offering youth-specific sizes, adjustable closures, and a lightweight yet durable construction. Consult with coaches or other players for their recommendations to find the best fit for your child’s needs.

How can I find reliable reviews on the latest lacrosse cleats?

To find reliable lacrosse cleat reviews, explore reputable sports equipment websites, forums, and social media platforms. Seek out expert opinions and user experiences from seasoned players, coaches, and sales staff at sports stores. Additionally, always consider how the cleats fit your specific needs, as comfort and preferences can vary between individuals.

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