5 Best Lacrosse Face Off Heads for Superior Performance

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The face off is a crucial part of the game when playing lacrosse. It’s a specialized play that can significantly change the momentum by determining which team gains possession of the ball. At the heart of every face off is the face off head, a piece of equipment that can make or break a player’s success at the X. Lacrosse face off heads are designed to be flexible yet durable, enabling you to perform quick clamps, pinches, and pops with precision.

The best lacrosse face off heads are specifically engineered to give players an edge during this critical moment of the game. They combine a balance of stiffness for power and flexibility for control, allowing for rapid movements and swift reactions. The throat of the head, the sidewall design, and the scoop shape all play into how well a face off head performs on the field.

When selecting a face off head, you should consider factors such as the head’s flexibility, its ability to retain shape after repeated use, and how well it aligns with your personal technique and style of play. Material composition is also important as it contributes to the head’s durability and strength. Furthermore, the rules of your league may influence the types of heads you can use, making compliance another key consideration.

Investing time to research and test various models will lead you to the right lacrosse face off head for your game. Finding the one that best suits your style can give you a significant advantage during face offs, ultimately helping your team gain control and drive the game forward.

Best Lacrosse Face off Heads

In your pursuit of mastering the face off, the importance of choosing the right lacrosse face off head cannot be overstated. The ideal head will offer a blend of flexibility, durability, and shape, allowing you to snap into action and win possession for your team. The following is a curated selection aimed to serve both beginners and seasoned athletes alike, each distinguished by their proven performance and user recommendations.

STX Duel 3 Lacrosse Head

Leverage the resilience and optimized design of the STX Duel 3 Lacrosse Head to elevate your face off game.

STX Duel 3 Lacrosse Head


  • Reinforced material retains shape.
  • New Speed Scoop aids in quick groundball play.
  • Specifically tailored for face off midfielders.


  • Requires break-in period.
  • Stiffness may reduce flexibility.
  • Less durable than expected.

After a deep dive on the STX Duel 3 Lacrosse Head, I’m convinced it’s a game-changer for midfielders specializing in face offs. Its new Reflex material stands up to aggressive play, maintaining its integrity match after match. The Duel 3’s Speed Scoop design makes scooping groundballs faster and more efficient, giving you a critical edge in tight situations.

However, you should expect to invest some time in breaking it in. This process can be crucial for achieving peak performance. Additionally, while the stiffness is ideal for control during a face off, it might limit flexibility under certain conditions.

Moreover, there have been instances of durability concern, as some users report it snapping sooner than anticipated. Despite this, its primary features speak directly to the needs of face off players, aiming to keep you at the top of your game.

Choose the STX Duel 3 Lacrosse Head for its durability and performance-centric features if you’re serious about dominating at the X.

StringKing 2F Head

If you’re serious about face offs and crave a high-performance head, the StringKing 2F is a choice you’ll likely not regret.

StringKing Men’s Mark 2F Faceoff Lacrosse Head Strung with Type 4f Mesh White/White


  • Exceptional ground ball pick-ups
  • Ideal flex and stiffness balance
  • Enhanced leverage and ball control


  • Bit tricky to attach to some sticks
  • Narrow throat might not suit all players
  • Initial stiffness may require breaking in

The StringKing 2F offers impressive ground ball control, allowing you to swoop in confidently from any approach. Its design makes it apparent that every angle has been considered to create a head that excels in the face off. My recent play session left me convinced of its ability to scoop balls smoothly amidst the fiercest of gameplay.

Upon first use, the stiffness is noticeable but not inflexible. It speaks to the hybrid plastic that offers a balance necessary for both gripping the ball effectively and maintaining shape for consistent results. The more you use it, the more it seems to conform to your play style, becoming an extension of your on-field strategy.

With its strategically shortened throat, the leverage you gain when facing off is a game-changer. However, it can be a challenge to get it on your shaft, especially if you’re doing it alone. But once set, it feels like a natural part of your stick, almost unnoticed in the best possible way. The control you wield over the ball is tangible, you’ll feel a step ahead in securing possession for your team.

STX Duel U

Determine if the STX Duel U is your next face off companion as it aims to raise your game at the X.

STX Lacrosse Duel U Face-Off Head


  • Enhanced ball control due to the innovative throat plug design
  • Stability and durability from dual sidewall braces
  • Tailored flex zones that improve face off techniques


  • Potential warping with extensive use
  • Can take time to properly break in
  • Side walls may fold on ground ball plays as per some users

After recent playtests, the STX Duel U excels in providing a face off edge with its specialized flex zones. Engineers have focused on this critical area, allowing the product to boast commendable face off moves and resilience under pressure. For players who strategize around the X, the Duel U proves to be a reliable extension of their will, guiding the ball with precision.

Handling the Duel U feels intuitive; its throat plug brings you closer to the ball, offering an improved sense of control during the heat of competition. The defined curve and flex of this head reassure you that every maneuver executed is as powerful as it is precise. Furthermore, ground ball retrieval seems less of a chore due to the stability offered by its sidewall braces.

What may dampen your experience, however, is the head’s tendency to warp after continuous use, a common issue with face off heads. It also requires some dedication to break in, so patience is needed before reaching its peak performance. Lastly, despite most user experiences aligning well, there have been moments where the side wall flexibility was questioned, especially during ground ball pick-ups.

Assessing the STX Duel U beyond mere features and criticisms, you’ll find it a formidable ally for any face off specialist. With careful maintenance and break-in time, it might just propel your game to victorious heights.

StringKing Mark 2F Stiff

You’ll appreciate the StringKing Mark 2F Stiff if you’re aiming for unmatched consistency and control at the face off X.

StringKing Mark 2F Stiff


  • Enhanced stiffness for improved face off battles
  • Optimized control with a tailored design
  • Exceptional ground ball performance with an angled scoop


  • Limited to single color availability
  • Higher price point than some other options
  • Less flexibility can be a drawback for some playing styles

After securing a win at the face off X with the StringKing Mark 2F Stiff, you’ll immediately notice the material’s rigidity that makes conquering your opponent feel virtually effortless. When grappling at the X, the head’s resistance against bending allows for a robust contest, providing substantial face off advantages that can turn the tides of a game.

Advancing with the ball cradled confidently, the Mark 2F Stiff impresses with its design aimed at providing superior ball control. The shortened throat ensures a close-hand feel, empowering you with the precision needed to maneuver through defenders effortlessly after a successful face off.

When a game’s pace intensifies, ground balls often become the focal point for possession battles. The Mark 2F Stiff, with its ground ball vacuum-like scoop, swiftly demonstrates its worth. It allows you to scoop balls from various angles, ensuring your team capitalizes on these crucial opportunities. Transitioning into offense or settling the ball for a strategic play becomes second nature.

StringKing Mark 2F

Elevate your game with the StringKing Mark 2F, built to give you the upper hand during face off battles.

StringKing Mark 2F


  • Engineered for control, assisting in quick wins during face offs
  • Designed to snatch ground balls effectively from any angle
  • Backed by a warranty for durability and peace of mind


  • May lack in resilience compared to some heavier models
  • A scarcity of colors—available primarily in white
  • Limited reviews, though positive, suggest a relatively new market presence

When I took the field with the StringKing Mark 2F, its design nuances were immediately noticeable. The throat’s shortened design made gripping and maneuvering a breeze, granting that extra leverage that often turns the tide in critical face off scenarios. Its bespoke plastic material strikes a fine balance between flexibility and firmness, allowing for a sculpted feel in hand and an assertive presence on the field.

Moreover, the head’s flare and sidewalls are cleverly shaped to cradle the ball securely, enabling precise control during the fast and frantic moments following the referee’s whistle. The higher sidewall contributes to the ball’s stability, preventing turnovers and making every draw a potential game-changer.

The scoop of the Mark 2F deserves its own praise. Designed at a tactical angle, it glides over turf to dominate ground ball pickups. Even when the ball is nestled in difficult positions, this head has the agility to retrieve it with minimal fuss.

In the dynamic and sometimes harsh environment of lacrosse face offs, endurance matters. The Mark 2F comes with a warranty, reassuring that it is built to last. Keep in mind, however, no lacrosse head is impervious to the stresses they face, and some players, especially those with a particularly forceful style, may find they push the limits of the head’s durability.

While my experience with the StringKing Mark 2F was overwhelmingly positive, bear in mind it comes chiefly in white, which may not cater to all style preferences. And although vibrant user reviews are supportive, the product is still proving itself in a competitive marketplace.

Field-tested and ready for action, the StringKing Mark 2F could very well be the companion you need to dominate the X.


Buying Guide

Key Considerations

When selecting a lacrosse face off head, your primary focus should be on DurabilityFlexibilityWeight, and Shape.

  • Durability: This refers to how well the head withstands physical pressure and the wear and tear of games. It’s crucial to find a balance between a sturdy design that can resist intense competition and one that won’t break easily.
  • Flexibility: A flexible head can give you an advantage during face offs by helping to gain and retain possession of the ball. However, too much flex may limit precision and control.
  • Weight: Heavier heads provide stability and power, which can be beneficial during face offs, while lighter heads offer quicker movements and faster reaction times.
  • Shape: The shape influences your grip and maneuverability during the face off. A more traditional shape may offer better control, whereas an aggressive design can be better for clamping the ball.

Features to Compare

To aid in your choice, create a comparison chart with the following attributes:

DurabilityHighNecessary for longevity in a competitive play.
FlexibilityMedium/HighShould match personal play style.
WeightMediumBalance speed and stability.
ShapeHighKey for effective face off techniques.

Additional Tips

  • Focus on the throat design of the head, which can impact your grip during face offs.
  • Consider the head’s sidewall construction, as it can affect how the head channels the ball.
  • Look for a wider scoop to help with ground ball pickups after the face off.

Evaluate each factor according to your personal play style and position-specific requirements, ensuring the best possible head to suit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your ability to dominate at the face off X can be significantly influenced by the equipment you choose. The following queries address some essential characteristics and comparisons of top lacrosse face off heads that are pertinent to optimizing your face off technique.

What are the defining features of the Warrior Burn Faceoff head?

The Warrior Burn Faceoff head is designed with specific flex zones and a symmetrical sidewall strut design to maximize durability and flexibility during face offs. It also incorporates a shortened throat to enhance your grip and control.

How does the StringKing Mark 2F compare to its competitors in terms of performance for face offs?

StringKing Mark 2F is known for its Targeted Flex Zone, which provides a strategic advantage during face offs by allowing for a quick snapback. Its durability and consistent performance under face off conditions make it a fierce competitor in the market.

In what ways does the Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head stand out for face off specialists?

The Nike CEO 2 Lacrosse Head features a refined scoop design that aids in quick and accurate ball retrieval. Its strategic stiffness in critical areas assists in controlling the ball during face offs and increases the likelihood of winning possession.

What criteria should one consider when selecting a shaft for face off purposes?

When selecting a shaft for face offs, one should prioritize a shaft with a comfortable grip that reduces slipping. The shaft’s weight and flex profile should also match your face off style and strength to optimize performance.

Can the lightness of a lacrosse face off head significantly affect a player’s face off success?

Yes, the lightness of a lacrosse face off head can impact a player’s quickness during face offs. A lighter head can lead to faster clamp and pinch moves, which are critical for winning the draw.

What are the advantages of using specialized face off mesh in lacrosse heads?

Specialized face off mesh is designed to provide better grip on the ball, allowing for more successful face off wins. The mesh also tends to be more flexible, aiding in the quick movement and release of the ball during face offs.

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