4 Best Lacrosse Goalie Stick Options for Maximum Performance

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Welcome to our best lacrosse goalie stick for 2024.

We tested the 15 most popular goalie sticks on Amazon and other places for key features including the head’s size and shape, the shaft’s length and weight, as well as the pocket’s depth, and value for money. These 4 were far and away the best of the pack.

The worst scenario you can imagine is dropping a couple of hundred dollars on a lacrosse goalie stick that fails to deliver on the field and leaves you questioning every save attempt. Don’t let your hard-earned cash go down the drain on equipment that can’t stand up to the heat of the game or, worse, crumbles in the face of fierce shots.

Choosing one of these 4 will ensure you get better blocking and catching, comfortable grip, balance for quick, precise movements, and easily assist in ball control and quick clears. Oh, and they’ll all last for years – we only chose ones with airtight money-back guarantees or warranties.

Ready to elevate your game to the next level AND enjoy doing it? Keep reading.

The Best Lacrosse Goalie Stick Options

If you already know what you’re looking for, here’s a quick overview of our best products:

  1. STX Shield 100 – The Best Lacrosse Goalie Stick for Beginners
  2. STX Eclipse 2 Goalie Stick – The Best Treadmill With a TVscreen

To assist you in making an informed decision, the following compilation highlights some of the best lacrosse goalie sticks available in the market, meticulously selected based on their quality, durability, and overall performance.

STX Shield 100

It’s akin to a goalie’s trusted shield: Just as a medieval knight relies on his shield for defense in battle, lacrosse goalies trust the STX Shield 100 to protect their goal with its large head and reinforced sidewalls.

You should consider this stick for its solid build and beginner-friendly features, making it a reliable starting point for rec-level goalies.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: STX
  • Color: White/White/Platinum
  • Product Dimensions: 7.25″D x 39″W x 1.75″H
STX Lacrosse Shield 100


  • Optimally weighted for new players
  • Comes pre-strung, easing the play initiation
  • Durable 6000-series handle for lasting use


  • Pre-strung mesh may need adjustments for personal preference
  • Fewer sidewall holes limit advanced string customization
  • Mainly suitable for beginners, not for advanced play

Its practical design becomes apparent after stepping onto the field with the STX Shield 100. The stick sits comfortably in your hands, thanks to the well-balanced construction. You’ll appreciate how the pre-strung head lets you dive right into practice without the fuss of setting up.

In practice, the stick’s 30-inch handle, made from STX 6000 series alloy, feels robust and ensures control when deflecting shots. The 12-diamond mesh cradles the ball securely, giving you confidence during plays. Despite the potential need to adjust the mesh to suit your technique, the initial setup serves admirably for those just entering the goalie role.

Growth in skill might demand more from a goalie stick than the STX Shield 100 provides, but its specialized design is an excellent foundation. While it may lack the advanced features of more elite models, this stick offers you the essential tools to develop fundamental skills in the crease. As you gain experience, you’ll come to understand your specific preferences, such as mesh tension and sidewall stringing, which this stick won’t fully accommodate. However, for its purpose, it is trustworthy and commendable.

STX Eclipse 2 Goalie Stick

Your search for a top-quality lacrosse goalie stick may end with the STX Eclipse 2, offering stiffness and grip that elevate your game.

The STX Eclipse 2 is like a fortress wall: Just like a sturdy fortress wall provides protection against enemy attacks, the STX Eclipse 2 offers solid defense against incoming shots with its durable construction and reliable design.

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Brand: STX
  • Color: White/White/Platinum
  • Product Dimensions: 57.75 x 14.5 x 4.75 inches
STX Eclipse 2


  • Improved ball control due to updated sidewall geometry
  • Enhanced ground ball performance with the new scoop design
  • Comfortable and secure handling from the ergonomic throat design


  • Higher cost for premium features
  • Possible adjustments needed for personal stringing preferences
  • The increased stiffness might take time to get used to

Holding the STX Eclipse 2, you immediately notice the robust feel without the expected weight. Its updated sidewall geometry aids in making saves, giving you the stiffness necessary for quick reactions without bogging down your movements. The improved scoop design makes scooping ground balls almost effortless, a vital skill for turning defense into attack swiftly.

The ergonomic throat design of the stick ensures that your grip stays firm and comfortable throughout the game. You feel the difference this design makes, especially when you’re in the thick of the game, and a secure grip means better control and accuracy.

Although the stick comes strung with 12-diamond semi-hard mesh, you might want to customize the stringing to fit your play style closely. This is common in lacrosse, where personal preference plays a significant role. Lastly, if you’re transitioning from a more flexible stick, give yourself time to adjust; the increased stiffness is a different experience but ultimately beneficial for your performance between the posts.

Franklin Youth Lacrosse Set

If you want to spark a passion for lacrosse in your young ones, this set offers a fun introduction to the sport.

  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Brand: Franklin Sports
  • Color: Orange
  • Product Dimensions: 32″ Goalie Stick
Franklin Youth Lacrosse Set


  • Ideal for novices and easy stick handling for small hands
  • Includes both player and goalie sticks for a versatile play experience
  • Popped out of the box ready, perfect for impromptu backyard games


  • Durability concerns with some users reporting breakages
  • Net stitching may require reinforcement after repeated use
  • Size and build more suited for young children, not for older kids

Playing with the Franklin Youth Lacrosse Set just recently, I immediately noticed how it encourages kids to step into the lacrosse world. The colorful designs are eye-catching and assist children in keeping their eyes on the target, which is a significant plus for maintaining their interest and developing coordination.

Utilizing the set, it was evident that the smaller stick size and lightweight design were well-thought-out for those little hands beginning to learn the sport. Moreover, those dual sticks – one for the goalie and one for the field player – make it convenient for kids to try out different positions and learn various skills.

As much as the set promotes fundamental skill development among young athletes, it’s important to acknowledge the construction might not withstand the test of time if used extensively. Some parents have mentioned they needed to repair the netting after normal use, so bear in mind this might not be the kit for more robust play or older children.

The easy assembly means your kids can start playing right out of the box, which is a big advantage for eager little players who don’t want to wait. However, while this set is an excellent starter kit for the youngest athletes, if you have an older child or are looking for something to handle more vigorous play, it might be worth considering other options.

STX Eclipse 2 Goalie Head

Experience an edge in your game with the STX Eclipse 2 Goalie Head, showcasing remarkable stiffness and groundball performance.

It’s reminiscent of a goalie’s iron curtain: Just as an iron curtain separates two distinct worlds, the STX Eclipse 2 goalie head creates a formidable barrier between the ball and the goal, making it nearly impossible for opponents to breach.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: STX
  • Color: White
  • Product Dimensions: 18.27 x 14.17 x 2.36 inches
STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Strung Goalie Head


  • Exceptional stiffness without added weight enhances maneuverability
  • The scoop’s design significantly improves groundball pickup
  • Designed for a comfortable and secure grip, optimizing control


  • Factory stringing may require adjustments for optimal performance
  • Not the cheapest option, potentially over budget for some
  • Limited color options available

When you hold the STX Eclipse 2 in your hands, you’ll immediately notice its robust construction. It’s meticulously crafted to bolster your defense without burdening you with extra weight. This goalie’s head shines in scooping ground balls; its advanced design easily scoops, making those critical moments in the game slightly less stressful. You’ll appreciate the ergonomic grip, which ensures the stick feels like an extension of your arm, giving you that extra confidence in your stance.

However, despite the numerous positives, you may find the initial stringing a bit unaccommodating. Some lacrosse goalies prefer a personalized pocket, and thus, you might spend some time adjusting the mesh to suit your throwing style. While its price point is an investment, remember that quality often matches cost, especially for crucial equipment like a goalie’s stick.

As a goalie, your role is crucial, and your chosen equipment directly contributes to your performance. The STX Eclipse 2 Goalie Head is tailored to enhance your play, provided you’re willing to adjust to the stringing. Your success in the cage starts with the right head, and this offering from STX is, without a doubt, a strong contender for your next game-changing piece of gear.



Buying Guide

When selecting a lacrosse goalie stick, there are several features to consider. Your choice will significantly influence your performance, so it is essential to understand these components thoroughly.

Head Shape

The head’s shape affects the stick’s ability to catch and control the ball. A wider head offers a larger surface area, enhancing your chances of stopping shots, while a more narrow design can improve ball control and quick passing.


The weight of the stick is pivotal for maneuverability. Lighter sticks allow for quicker movements, which is crucial for making saves. However, a certain heft adds stability and could help with clearing balls from your end.

Shaft Material

AlloyDurable, lightweight
CompositeFlexible, comfortable grip
WoodTraditional, heavy

Consider the shaft material, which can impact weight, grip, and overall feel. Alloy and composite materials offer a combination of lightness and strength, while wood provides a classic feel.

Throat Design

The throat design refers to where the head meets the shaft. A comfortable throat design improves grip and can enhance your stick control.


Look for construction that withstands powerful shots and the wear and tear of games. Durability ensures your stick will last through many matches and provide value over time.

Strung vs. Unstrung

Decide if you prefer a pre-strung head or if you want to customize the stringing to fit your playing style. Pre-strung heads are convenient, while an unstrung head allows for personalized pocket depth and stringing patterns.

Make sure to evaluate these features based on your play style, experience, and personal preferences to find the best fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right lacrosse goalie stick is crucial for your performance in the game. This section answers the most pressing questions, providing specific insights to guide your selection process.

What characteristics define a high-quality lacrosse goalie stick suitable for high school players?

A high-quality lacrosse goalie stick for high school players should have a sturdy frame, a wide head for blocking shots, and a lightweight shaft for quick movements. The grip should be comfortable to enable precise control and the pocket depth must adhere to league regulations.

How does the 2021 selection of lacrosse goalie sticks compare to the latest models available?

The 2021 lacrosse goalie sticks generally offered dependable performance with established designs. However, the latest models feature more advanced materials for improved strength-to-weight ratio and innovative stringing patterns for enhanced ball control and rebound reduction.

What are the key differences in design between youth lacrosse goalie sticks and adult versions?

Youth lacrosse goalie sticks usually have shorter, thinner shafts and smaller heads to accommodate the size and strength of younger players. Adult versions are designed with longer shafts and larger heads for optimal reach and surface area in goal prevention.

How does the Warrior Lacrosse Goalie Stick stand out in terms of performance and quality?

The Warrior Lacrosse Goalie Stick stands out due to its durable construction and ergonomic design that facilitates swift hand movements. It also has a large saving area and a dependable pocket for consistent performance.

What factors should be considered when choosing a lacrosse goalie stick for women players?

When choosing a lacrosse goalie stick for women players, consider the stick’s balance, weight distribution, and shaft length that suit the female athlete’s frame. The head should allow for precise passes, and the pocket must provide control for quick, accurate clears.

Can the ECD Impact goalie head be regarded as a top choice for lacrosse goalkeepers and why?

The ECD Impact goalie head is a top choice due to its reinforced sidewalls that provide durability and a stiff structure for deflecting shots. Its strategic strung pattern offers goalkeepers enhanced ball control and consistent performance.

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