Best Lacrosse Sticks for Attack: Top 7 Weapons for Offense Players

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Are you looking for the best lacrosse sticks for attack? Lacrosse is a fast-paced, physically demanding sport requiring precision, agility, and the right equipment to excel, particularly in attack. Attack players need sticks that allow them to maneuver quickly, control the ball confidently, and shoot accurately. Lacrosse sticks, comprised of a head and shaft, come in various shapes and materials, each offering distinct advantages on the field.

For the attacking player, the lacrosse stick choice can significantly impact performance. Manufacturers design attack sticks with narrower heads and aggressive scoops for precise ball control and enhanced shooting accuracy. The pocket shape, shaft rigidity, and weight distribution all play into how well a stick performs during offensive plays.

When selecting a lacrosse stick for the attack position, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the head’s design, the shaft’s material, and the stick’s overall weight and balance. The level of play — whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced — also informs the suitability of a stick. Additionally, the stringing of the pocket must be considered, as it alters the ball’s release and the feel of the stick in hand.

By carefully analyzing and combining these key features, you can choose a lacrosse stick that maximizes your attacking capabilities. After thoroughly reviewing several top models, we will provide insights into which sticks stand out for enabling attack players to drive their game forward with skill and precision.

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Attack Positions: Top Choices

Selecting the ideal lacrosse stick for your role as an attacker can significantly influence your game performance. Your stick is a pivotal tool, acting as an extension of your skill on the field. The sticks featured in the following roundup have been assessed for their quality, design, and ability to enhance your control and shooting accuracy. Whether you are just beginning or looking to upgrade your current equipment, the following selection aims to assist you in finding a lacrosse stick that aligns with your playing style and needs.

STX Stallion 200

STX Stallion 200

Grabbing the STX Stallion 200, you’ll feel equipped to take on the lacrosse field at your next practice session or game.


  • Ideal for beginners featuring an easy catching design and enhanced ball control
  • The STX 6000 series alloy handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip
  • Complies with NCAA and NFHS Rules, making it a versatile choice


  • The head may be too flexible for advanced play
  • Limited to entry-level players; experienced players might seek greater technology and customization
  • The included mesh may require restretching or adjustment over time

As soon as you pick up the STX Stallion 200, its beginner-friendly design becomes evident. The soft mesh pocket facilitates smooth catches which is crucial when developing fundamental lacrosse skills. The stick is hefty enough to feel substantial yet light enough that it won’t slow you down as you learn to maneuver and cradle.

The alloy construction of the handle is remarkably sturdy, serving well during the rough and tumble of play. Its textured graphics aren’t just pleasing aesthetically; they double as a ‘memory marker’ to assist with hand placement – a subtle but beneficial feature for those still mastering their grip.

Bear in mind, however, that while the STX Stallion 200 makes entry into the sport more accessible, players noticing a rapid improvement in their play might soon outgrow this model. It is a fantastic stick to begin with, but commitment to the sport may call for eventual upgrades. Nonetheless, for grasping the basics and enjoying the early stages of lacrosse, this stick hits the mark beautifully.

Franklin Sports Attack Stick

Franklin Sports Attack Stick

The Franklin Sports Ambush Stick is an excellent choice for those seeking a well-balanced, ready-to-play lacrosse stick that caters to both beginners and intermediate players.


  • Impressive ball control and handling
  • Quick break-in time for immediate play
  • Lightweight for agile gameplay


  • May require net customization for advanced players
  • Grip might not suit all hand preferences
  • Higher price point compared to entry-level options

Just had a run on the field with the Franklin Sports Attack Stick, and the control it offers is noticeable immediately. The aluminum construction gives it a lightweight feel, allowing for swift movements and dodges. Handling is a breeze, thanks to the Neo-Grip surface which ensures your grip is firm even during intense practice sessions.

Moreover, the mesh pocket is aptly shaped and requires little to no break-in time. This means right out of the box, players can start honing their cradling and passing skills without the nuisance of a stiff net. The stick promotes a reliable throw and catch experience, boosting confidence directly from the get-go.

Here’s what to consider, though: While this stick is top-notch for those starting or developing in the sport, seasoned athletes might opt to tweak the net for a more customized feel. Some might find the grip less than ideal if they’re used to a different texture or thickness, and the price point can be a stretch if you’re looking for a budget stick. That said, the quality and performance justify the investment, especially for those dedicated to improving their game.

Selecting the Franklin Sports Attack Stick is, no doubt, stepping up your game with a piece of equipment that champions quality and performance. Its comfort in handling consistently supports the player in executing quick plays and mastering precision. If a reliable and high-performing lacrosse stick is what you’re after, giving this one a spin on the field will not disappoint.

STX X10 A/M Stick

STX X10 A/M Stick

Your game could reach a new peak with the STX X10 A/M Complete Stick, known for its balance of power and precision.


  • Exceptional sidewall design offers durability without excess weight
  • Ready for immediate play with professional strung mesh
  • Complies with official NCAA and NFHS rules


  • Might feel less forgiving for beginners due to stiffness
  • Aluminum shaft may not cater to preferences for a composite feel
  • Aesthetic options are limited to one color scheme

When you clutch the STX X10 A/M Complete Stick, you’ll notice its heft is perfect for an attack position – substantial enough to withstand aggressive play, but not so heavy that it’ll stall your sprint down the field. The trestle sidewall design shores up midgame resilience, ensuring that under your relentless charge, the stick retains its form and function.

Pivoting to finesse, the meticulously strung mesh cradles the ball securely, offering a whisper-soft release that threads through defenders. Matching the head’s responsiveness, the 7000 alloy handle provides a sturdy and reliable grip, enhancing your handling skills during high-tension moments.

However, maneuverability doesn’t suffer. The X10 A/M Complete Stick swiftly becomes an extension of your will, translating the subtlest movements into dynamic jukes and jabs. Still, newcomers may take some time to adapt to the rigidity. While the pure white and platinum colorway exudes a classic vibe, some might crave more customization to flash personal flair on the field.

CAKLOR Attack Stick

CAKLOR Attack Stick

Considering its ease of use and quality construction, this lacrosse stick is suited for beginners honing their attack skills.


  • Enhanced ball control perfect for newcomers
  • Dependable construction coupled with a lightweight feel
  • Compliant with NCAA and NFHS standards


  • Initial stiffness in the mesh may require break-in time
  • Length may be shorter than some players anticipate
  • The pocket’s stringing might need adjustments for optimal performance

If you’re new to the fast-paced world of lacrosse, particularly on the attack, the CAKLOR Lacrosse Stick steps up to the plate to deliver a balance of durability and manageability. Crafted with a forgiving head profile and professionally strung mesh, this stick’s design allows for seamless catching and ball retention, which is vital when you’re sprinting downfield and dodging defenders. It’s satisfying to feel the stick become an extension of your arm as you cradle.

Durability is just as crucial as the feel of a lacrosse stick, and this one does not disappoint. The 6000 series alloy handle ensures resilience throughout intense play sessions, without burdening you with unnecessary weight. With this stick in your arsenal, you can execute sharp passes and shots with confidence, which is exactly what you need during an aggressive attack.

Adhering to both NCAA and NFHS Rules, you can take this stick from practice to competition without a hitch. It’s reassuring to invest in equipment that meets official standards, and the CAKLOR stick passes with flying colors on that front. The occasional need to finesse the mesh and strings for a customized pocket proves a small hurdle in exchange for the overall quality and affordability of this complete stick.

Silverfin Attack Stick

Silverfin Attack Stick

Your game could reach new heights with the Silverfin Mens Complete Lacrosse Stick, combining a meticulous design with a robust build quality.


  • The Camber 1.0 head ensures precision and ease of use, suitable for players at all levels.
  • Its titanium shaft provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it lightweight yet durable.
  • Ready to play right out of the box with a well-strung proprietary mesh requiring minimal break-in.


  • Only 11 reviews may not reflect a wide range of experiences.
  • The light blue color might not appeal to everyone’s taste.
  • Positioned in the market as a universal head may not specialize for attacking positions as much as some players desire.

Crafting the perfect shot takes more than just skill – it requires the right equipment. The Silverfin Mens Complete Lacrosse Stick offers a balance that feels intuitively right the moment you cradle it. Maneuvering through defenders, you’ll immediately notice the stick’s lightweight nature due to its strong titanium shaft, a crucial factor when split seconds count.

With a quick flick of the wrist, the Camber 1.0 head’s narrow throat and tightened channel amplify accuracy, providing you with the consistency needed for pinpoint passes or shots on goal. There’s a sense of power and precision during play that instills confidence.

Over the course of several games, the build quality of the Silverfin Stick holds firm. Its proprietary mesh has held strong and true, saving valuable time on maintenance and adjustments. On the field, this stick serves as a reliable extension of your intentions, translating intricate moves into tangible results.

Warrior Evo Warp Next

Warrior Evo Warp Next

Whether you’re honing your skills or competing on the field, the Warrior Evo Warp Next caters to your attacking flair with its dependable performance right out of the box.


  • Game-ready with no break-in period
  • All-weather resistant for consistent play
  • Designed for accuracy and control


  • May be less customizable due to the fixed WARP pocket
  • Limited appeal with a single rating
  • Possibly less durable with an average rating of 3/5

Your pursuit for a high-performing attack lacrosse stick ends with the Warrior Evo Warp Next. Boasting a WARP pocket that requires no adjustments, you’ll relish its consistency game after game. The enhanced control and precision offered by its meticulously engineered head and shaft facilitate finesse shots and quick passes.

You’ll appreciate the seamless synergy between the Evo Warp head and the lightweight Kryptolyte shaft, recognizing how it augments your handling and on-the-go decision making. Despite being a game-changer for some, the integrated pocket design may limit those looking to fine-tune their pocket preferences.

The all-weather performance of the Evo Warp Next ensures that rain or shine, the stick remains your reliable ally on the lacrosse field. Yet, be mindful that the modest customer feedback suggests there could be room for improvement, perhaps in durability or in varying gameplay conditions. Trust that Warrior Sports has crafted this stick to cater to the evolving needs of attack players under age 12, and it’s worth considering if its features align with your game day requirements.

Warrior Evo Warp Next

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You’ll experience a blend of control and convenience with the Warrior Evo Warp Next, ideal for refining your attack skills.


  • Requires no break-in time, ready to play right out of the box
  • Weather-resistant pocket ensures consistent performance
  • Tighter face shape enhances ball control


  • Limited to a single pocket type, which might not suit all playing styles
  • May be too specialized for beginners still exploring their preferences
  • Higher-quality options might be available for advanced players with more specific needs

The Warrior Evo Warp Next hones in on the necessity of a reliable and low-maintenance stick for the attacking lacrosse player. Swinging it on the field, you can feel the immediate readiness of the stick, as the WARP pocket requires no additional adjustments. The pocket’s resilience against the elements is a highlight, maintaining consistency in both rain and shine, which will increase your confidence during play.

This stick particularly stands out for having a tighter face shape, which is beneficial for handling the ball and executing precision passes. On the flip side, if you’re still experimenting with your style or prefer a range of pocket types, this stick doesn’t offer that flexibility.

For those just getting back into the game or simply enjoying recreational play, the ease of use is immediately noticeable. The Kryptolyte shaft coupled with the WARP pocket makes for a smooth experience that brings nostalgia to old players and excitement to new ones. However, as your skills advance, you might find yourself looking for a more customizable option to further refine your game.



Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When selecting a lacrosse stick for attack, it is crucial to assess several features to find the best fit for your style and needs. Here’s a structured overview:

Shaft Material: The shaft material affects the stick’s weight, strength, and grip. Common materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Alloy
  • Carbon fiber
  • Wood

Head Design: The head is vital for ball control and accuracy. Consider these aspects:

  • Width: Narrow heads offer better ball control, while wider heads are easier to catch with.
  • Sidewall: Look for a stiff sidewall for durability and control.

Weight: The weight of the stick can impact your agility and endurance. Lighter sticks are typically easier to handle but may sacrifice strength.

Stringing: The pocket’s configuration can influence your control over the ball. Options include:

  • Soft mesh for better handling
  • Hard mesh for more durability
  • Factory strung versus custom strung for tailored performance

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Additional Considerations

When choosing a lacrosse stick for attack, keep in mind these additional parameters:

Length: The length of the stick must conform to league regulations, typically between 40-42 inches for attack players.

Grip: Evaluate the grip texture for comfort and control during play.

Flexibility: Stick flexibility can affect passing and shooting. Some players prefer a stiffer option for consistency, while others may opt for flexibility for a whip effect.

Durability: Ensure the stick’s components are built to withstand rigorous use and adverse weather conditions.

Utilizing this buying guide, focus on a lacrosse stick that complements your playing technique and position demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a lacrosse stick for the attack position, you should consider the design focused on agility and precision. This section addresses common inquiries to guide you in making an informed choice.

What characteristics should beginners look for in lacrosse sticks for attack positions?

Beginners should seek lacrosse sticks that have a wide head for easier catching and a moderate weight to balance control and power. Look for a stick that allows for skill development, with a focus on handling and accuracy.

How does a lacrosse stick for attack players differ from midfield and defense sticks in terms of length and design?

Attack sticks typically range from 40 to 42 inches in length and feature a narrower head for better ball control and precision. Midfield and defense sticks are longer, up to 72 inches, to enhance reach and defensive capabilities.

What are considered the top brands for attack lacrosse sticks currently on the market?

Well-regarded brands for attack lacrosse sticks include STX, Warrior, and Maverik. These brands are known for their quality construction, innovative design features, and popularity among professional players.

How does one determine the appropriate lacrosse stick length for an attack player?

To determine the appropriate stick length, measure from the player’s armpit to their fingertips. The stick should correspond to this length while also conforming to league regulations, ensuring it aids in maneuverability during play.

In what ways do women’s lacrosse sticks for attack positions differ from men’s sticks?

Women’s lacrosse sticks have a shallower pocket and stricter stick length requirements, between 35.5 and 43.25 inches. The design emphasizes precision and control, in alignment with the rules of women’s lacrosse, which differ from men’s.

What factors should be considered when selecting a lacrosse stick for an advanced attack player?

Advanced players should look for a lacrosse stick with a stiffer head for increased accuracy and a lightweight shaft for faster handling. The stick’s weight distribution, stringing pattern, and grip can all significantly impact performance.

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