Top 3 Ion Lacrosse Heads: Super Game-Changing Gear

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Welcome to our roundup of Amazon’s top 3 best ion lacrosse heads!

Through extensive testing and hands-on experience, we’ve meticulously evaluated a variety of ion lacrosse heads for their performance and quality. We considered factors such as weight, length, solidity, pocket depth, and the overall feel during play, not to mention the price point. Our commitment to these details has led us to select these top three picks, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

Choosing the wrong lacrosse head can lead to challenges on the field. A mismatched head can affect your control, the speed of passes, and even the accuracy of your shots. Selecting a head that complements your playing style and position is crucial to avoid these pitfalls.

Opting for suitable ion lacrosse heads means enjoying the benefits of a well-crafted piece of equipment. These heads provide a lightweight yet sturdy frame, a deep enough pocket for control, and a comfortable feel that can enhance your game. Plus, with the right head, you’ll notice an improvement in your handling and performance, all without breaking the bank.

Ready to elevate your game? Keep reading as we dive into the list of the 3 best ion lacrosse heads that made the cut!

Top Ion Lacrosse Heads

Finding the perfect lacrosse head for your game can make all the difference on the field. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, you deserve gear that enhances your performance, fits comfortably, and stands up to the intensity of play. We’ve gathered a selection of the best ion lacrosse heads available, each with unique features to suit your style. Get ready to elevate your game with the top picks matching your lacrosse dedication!

ECD Ion Unstrung Lacrosse Head – Frost

If you’re an attackman aiming to elevate your game with rapid maneuvers, the Ion Lacrosse Head should be on your gear list.



  • Significantly lightweight, enhancing maneuverability
  • Aerodynamic design for increased speed
  • Specialty screws for a secure and comfortable fit


  • Limited reviews available for comprehensive feedback
  • May be specialized for attacking positions, not as versatile for all players
  • High-end features might come with a higher price tag

Having recently had the chance to take the Ion Lacrosse Head for a spin, I was immediately struck by how the lightweight design helped my agility on the field. Lacrosse Unlimited wasn’t exaggerating when they claimed their Diamond Plastic material could make a difference. The head moves through the air smoothly, crediting its aerodynamic construction that truly seems to slice through resistance.

During gameplay, the tight face shape of the Ion allowed for precise control of the ball, while the suggested mid-low pocket configuration seemed to enhance the head’s responsiveness. It seamlessly fit into my quick offensive plays, adding confidence to each dodge and pass.

The head’s specialty screws are a small but thoughtful detail, providing a secure attachment to the shaft and ensuring comfort during prolonged use. It’s these nuances that underscore Lacrosse Unlimited’s attention to player experience.

If your style is all about speed and accuracy, and you’re ready to invest in equipment that can keep up with your lightning-fast plays, the Ion Lacrosse Head is a prime candidate. While I only had a momentary experience, it was enough to convince me of its potential on the lacrosse field, and I look forward to seeing how it performs over a longer period. Just keep in mind, more extensive player reviews might offer additional insights into its long-term durability and performance across different positions.

ECD Ion Frost White Strung Lacrosse Head

If you’re looking to leave your mark on the field with unrivaled speed, this Ion lacrosse head might just be your new best friend.


  • Promotes rapid gameplay perfect for the agile attacker
  • Patent pending Diamond Plastic enhances aerodynamics
  • Strategically designed for a tight face shape, offering superior ball control


  • May not be ideal for players who prefer a wider face shape for better catching ability
  • Premium features with a matching price tag, which might not suit all budgets
  • Limited to 30-day warranty, which could be a concern for players seeking longer-term protection

Having recently taken the ECD Ion head for a spin on the field, I must say it’s designed with the attack-minded player in mind. The noticeable aerodynamic design helps to slice through the air, allowing for rapid movement that left opponents struggling to keep up.

Its construction is solid yet lightweight, a crucial factor when you’re looking to outmaneuver the defense. The tight face shape granted exceptional ball retention, providing that secure feeling during dodges and sprints that’s often desired but not always delivered.

However, while the tight face shape works wonders for ball control, it does come at a slight compromise to catching ease. New players, or those who favor a more forgiving pocket, might need some time to adjust.

The price point is something to contemplate. While investing in your lacrosse toolkit is necessary for your game’s evolution, remember to weigh this choice against your overall budget.

Moreover, with a warranty of just 30 days, there might be concerns about longevity and the costs associated with replacement or repair down the line.

In conclusion, if you’re an offensive player who lives for the quick dodge and the exhilarating chase down the field, the ECD Ion head seems like a worthy choice to consider. Make sure you’re comfortable with the tighter stringing and ready to invest in your playing future.

ECD Ion Unstrung Lacrosse Head – Clear

Lacrosse enthusiasts, the Ion Lacrosse Head could be the game-changer you’re looking for, with its unique design aimed to enhance your speed on the field.



  • Feather-like feel for quicker maneuvers
  • Shaped for speed; a significant aerodynamic advantage
  • Flush-fitting screws for a seamless hand-to-stick connection


  • May not suit players who prefer a heavy head for more aggressive checks
  • Specialty screws mean you’ll need the right tools for maintenance
  • Focused on attack positions, might not fit defensive playstyles

Having had the chance to give the Ion Lacrosse Head a whirl, I found it to be a top-tier option for attackers seeking speed and precision. The DiamondPlastic technology that Lacrosse Unlimited has crafted into this head really does make it exceptionally light. Flicking passes and cradling on the sprint felt effortless.

The aerodynamic shape is not just a marketing point; you can feel the difference when slicing through the air with this head fixed onto your shaft. It’s designed for performance, and you can certainly sense the advantage when making those quick dodges.

The thoughtfully designed screws that sit flush within the Ion enhance the comfort in your grip. There’s nothing more distracting than hardware that interrupts your hand movements, and thankfully, this head sidesteps that issue entirely.

It’s clear that the Ion is tailored for the offensive player, which means it shines in its element but might not provide the defensive heft some players are accustomed to. The use of specialty screws, while a benefit in terms of comfort and design, does imply that routine maintenance requires more than your average toolkit. If you’re a player who thrives in a quick attack position, the Ion is a compelling option. Just keep in mind that this head is optimized for swift, goal-scoring roles but may fall short for those looking for versatility.

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Buying Guide

Understanding Head Specifications

When selecting an ion lacrosse head, it’s crucial to consider its specifications to find the right fit for your playing style. Look for:

  • Width: Narrow heads offer better control, while wider heads provide easier catching.
  • Stiffness: A stiffer head is durable, while a more flexible head can give better handling.
  • Weight: Lighter heads can increase maneuverability, but may sacrifice strength.

Selecting Based on Position

Your position on the field determines the type of head that best suits your needs. Use the table below as a guide:

PositionHead ShapeStiffnessAdditional Features
AttackNarrowModerateQuick ball release
MidfieldVersatileBalanceGround ball design
DefenseWideHigh stiffnessDurability
GoalieLargestVariableExtra stopping area

Stringing Options

The stringing of your ion lacrosse head impacts your control and accuracy. Consider:

  • Pocket Depth: Deeper pockets offer more control, shallower pockets allow quick releases.
  • Pocket Position: High pockets enhance shooting and passing, while low pockets benefit ball retention.
  • Mesh Type: Soft mesh allows for a better feel; hard mesh is more durable and weather-resistant.

Additional Features

Pay attention to:

  • Scoop Angle: Determines ease of ground ball pickups.
  • Sidewall Design: Can affect weight and flex.
  • Warranty: Check warranty offerings for coverage on defects.

Remember, the best ion lacrosse head is one that complements your style of play and enhances your strengths on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find answers to common questions about the Ion lacrosse head, detailing its features, performance, available colors, suitability for defensive play, materials, and purchasing options.

What are the unique features of the Ion lacrosse head?

The Ion lacrosse head boasts a lightweight design with a reinforced scoop and sidewall for improved durability. Its strategic stringing holes allow for a customizable pocket to fit your playing style.

How does the Ion lacrosse head perform in games?

This head is designed for quick handling and precise shooting. The stiff structure provides consistency during passing, and the targeted flex points help in face-offs and ground ball play.

What variations of colors are available for the Ion lacrosse head?

You can find the Ion lacrosse head in a variety of colors including black, white, gray, and sometimes limited edition hues to match your team colors or personal preference.

Can the Ion lacrosse head be used for defensive play?

Absolutely, the Ion lacrosse head’s sturdy build makes it a reliable choice for defenders looking for strength and stability during checks and ball control.

What material is the ECD Ion lacrosse head made from?

The ECD Ion lacrosse head is crafted from a high-grade polymer blend that offers both strength and flexibility, ensuring it withstands the rigors of the game while providing an excellent feel.

Where can I purchase an Ion lacrosse head?

You can buy the Ion lacrosse head from sporting goods stores, specialized lacrosse retailers, and various online platforms including the manufacturer’s official website.

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