New Balance Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe Review: Is It Worth It?

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Welcome to New Balance Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe Review.

Are you looking for reliable and stylish lacrosse shoes? We recently got our hands on the New Balance Freezelx V4, and they’re worth checking out. With these cleats on, you can expect great comfort and top-notch performance on the field.

New Balance Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe Review

These shoes offer impressive traction and support, making quick cuts and sudden stops easier. The lightweight upper is breathable, and the hybrid tongue adds a snug fit. On the downside, some users have found the fit a bit inconsistent, especially between the left and right shoe. Nonetheless, they seem durable and comfy for most users.

Bottom Line

If you need a pair of lacrosse shoes that balance style, comfort, and performance, the New Balance Freezelx V4 is a solid choice. They’ve got great traction and a lightweight build, making them ideal for intense play.

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New Balance Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe Review: Overview

These cleats are perfect for quick, cutting movements during lacrosse games. Thanks to the QUIX outsole technology, you get superb traction whether you’re on turf or natural grass. The lightweight synthetic and mesh upper makes them feel almost weightless, which is great for keeping up your speed.

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The hybrid tongue design adds extra comfort, so you won’t feel any annoying pressure points. Adjusting the fit is easy with the lace-up closure, giving you a snug and secure fit. The TPU molded cleat outsole is a standout feature, offering excellent grip on various surfaces.

Some users mentioned sizing issues, with one shoe feeling tighter than the other. Durability is a mixed bag; some have seen the Freezelx V4 last through multiple seasons, while others faced quicker wear and tear.

Overall, these cleats offer a blend of comfort, traction, and lightweight performance for your lacrosse needs.

Quix Outsole Technology

One thing that stands out with the Freezelx V4 is the QUIX outsole. This feature really shines when you’re making fast, sharp moves on the field. You’ll find that it offers excellent traction, whether you’re on turf or natural grass.

While playing, you might notice how stable your foot feels, thanks to the molded cleat design. It’s perfect for making those quick cuts and sudden changes in direction. Some users have found that it enhances their performance by providing better grip.

However, some people have experienced a bit of discomfort due to the fit, especially if one foot is slightly different in size than the other. It’s a good idea to try them out and see how they work for you. The traction benefits might outweigh any fit issues for most players.

Lightweight Design for Speed

When you’re on the field, every second counts. The Freezelx V4’s lightweight design makes a noticeable difference. Thanks to the synthetic and mesh upper, you feel nearly effortless as you move.

This lightweight feel helps you stay fast and agile. You can really notice it during quick cuts and sprints. The lighter build doesn’t compromise on durability; it still holds up well during intense games.

One thing to consider, though, is that to some, the shoe might feel less supportive compared to heavier options. If you prefer extra support, this is something to keep in mind. Nonetheless, for those craving speed and agility, the Freezelx V4’s lightweight design becomes a great advantage.

Hybrid Tongue for Enhanced Comfort

The first thing you’ll notice about the hybrid tongue is how it hugs your foot without feeling too tight. This design allows your foot to stay secure but still gives you room to breathe. It’s made to move with you, which is super helpful during quick cuts on the lacrosse field.

You might appreciate that this feature seems to balance comfort and performance. It fits snugly but doesn’t cause pressure points or irritation even after long use. Some users mentioned they found it helpful in minimizing blisters.

Overall, the hybrid tongue adds a layer of comfort that you’d expect from New Balance, helping to enhance your game without sacrificing foot health.

Traction Across Fields

When you need solid footing, the Freezelx V4 won’t let you down. The QUIX outsole technology really shines, helping you stay stable during quick, cutting movements. Whether you’re on turf or natural grass, the TPU molded cleat outsole gives you excellent grip.

This balance between firm grip and ease of maneuverability makes it a great choice for varied playing conditions. Be ready for swift plays and quick changes in direction without worrying about slipping. Just keep in mind, the traction can sometimes feel a little too strong on artificial turf, making pivoting a bit tricky, but it’s generally dependable.

Give it a try and see how you feel during those intense plays; you’ll likely appreciate the boost in traction.

Pros and Cons


Comfortable Fit: These lacrosse cleats offer a very comfortable experience, especially the wide option. If you have wider feet, you’ll really appreciate the extra room.

Great Traction: Thanks to the QUIX outsole technology, you’ll notice excellent grip during those quick, cutting movements. This is supported by the TPU molded cleat outsole, which works well both on turf and natural surfaces.

Lightweight Design: The lightweight synthetic/mesh upper and hybrid tongue make these cleats easy to wear for long periods. You’ll find that they don’t weigh you down.

Durability: Users frequently mention the robust construction, with some cleats lasting through multiple sports seasons.

Stylish: The colors and design have received positive feedback. They look good and stand out on the field.


Sizing Issues: Some people have noted that one cleat might feel tighter than the other, causing discomfort. This seems to be a rare but noted problem.

Break-In Time: A few users reported that these cleats require some time to break in. You might experience a bit of discomfort during the initial sessions.

Variable Quality Control: Feedback includes mention of differing experiences in terms of fit and comfort, suggesting that quality control may not be consistent.

Shortened Lifespan for Intense Use: When used rigorously, they might show signs of wear sooner than expected, particularly under high-stress conditions like daily use in aggressive sports.

Even with these cons, you can see why many players recommend the New Balance Men’s Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe.

Customer Reviews Analysis

When you go through the customer reviews for these New Balance Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoes, you’ll find a lot of positive feedback. People love how comfortable these shoes are, especially with the wide option. Many users mention that the cleats are lightweight and provide good support, which is perfect for sports like lacrosse and ultimate frisbee.

Some parents bought these for their kids, and they appreciate the durability and colorful design. A few customers had issues with sizing, noting that one shoe felt tighter than the other. There were also comments about the ankle support, which seemed effective for most but not all players.

You’ll also find that these shoes are praised for their sturdiness, with several users mentioning they last through multiple sports seasons. Despite some minor fit issues, the overall consensus is that these cleats are a great choice for athletes looking for comfort and reliability.

Lace-Up Closure and Fit

With the lace-up closure, you can adjust the fit of your New Balance Freezelx V4 cleats to your liking. This feature ensures the shoe wraps securely around your foot, providing a snug feeling. You’ll find it easier to make quick, precise movements, thanks to the customized fit.

The fit is comfortable for various foot shapes, especially if you choose the wide option. These cleats provide a reliable grip, so you won’t worry about slipping during play. However, some users have found that one shoe may fit a bit tighter than the other, which could cause slight discomfort.


You’ll find the New Balance Men’s Freezelx V4 Lacrosse Shoe to be a strong choice for your athletic needs. With its comfortable fit, especially if you need a wider option, and its durable build, it stands out among lacrosse cleats. The shoe performs well in giving support and stability, which is crucial for quick movements on the field.

On the flip side, you might notice some inconsistencies in sizing, particularly with one shoe fitting tighter than the other. This can cause discomfort over time. Also, while some users reported excellent durability, others had issues with wear and tear after just a few uses.

Overall, if you’re seeking a balance of comfort, support, and style, these cleats are worth considering. Just be mindful of the potential sizing concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What improvements have been made in the latest New Balance FreezeLX v4 compared to the v3 version?

The v4 version of these cleats has some notable updates from the v3. For starters, the QUIX outsole technology offers improved traction, especially during quick, cutting movements. The lightweight synthetic/mesh upper provides better breathability and comfort. The hybrid tongue design allows for a snug fit without compromising on flexibility. Overall, the upgrades make for a more comfortable and performance-enhancing shoe.

How do the New Balance FreezeLX v4 lacrosse shoes fit?

The fit is generally true to size and quite comfortable. A highlight is the adjustable lace closure, which ensures a secure fit. Users appreciate the availability of a wide option, suitable for those with broader feet. Some feedback noted that the shoes can feel a bit snug initially, but they tend to mold to your feet after a couple of uses, making them very comfortable in the long run.

Are the New Balance FreezeLX v4 suitable for other sports, such as football?

Yes, these shoes can be used for sports like football. The TPU molded cleat outsole offers excellent traction on both turf and natural surfaces, making them versatile. Some users mentioned using them for football and ultimate frisbee and found them to perform well. Just keep in mind they are primarily designed for lacrosse, so performance can vary based on the sport.

What are the main differences between the Mid, Low, and Turf variants of the New Balance FreezeLX v4?

  • Mid: Offers better ankle support, suitable for players who need stability and extra protection around the ankle.
  • Low: Provides more freedom of motion thanks to its less restrictive design. Good for players who prioritize agility and speed.
  • Turf: Designed specifically for turf surfaces. They offer tailored traction for this specific type of field, ensuring optimal grip and performance.

Is there a difference in performance between the men’s and women’s New Balance FreezeLx v4 lacrosse shoes?

There isn’t a significant difference in performance between the men’s and women’s versions. Both versions feature the same technology and materials. The main differences lie in the size ranges and the design aesthetics. Users from both segments have reported satisfaction with comfort and performance.

How is the overall quality and durability of New Balance FreezeLX v4 cleats rated by users?

Users have generally rated these cleats highly in terms of quality and durability. They appreciate the superior traction provided by the TPU outsole. Many have noted that these shoes can withstand the rigors of multiple seasons. However, there were a few instances of fitment issues and a shorter lifespan, mainly depending on the intensity and frequency of use. Regular care and proper maintenance can help enhance their longevity.

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